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'Accidental' Video 3

"Please hold still," If Dia's voice sounded muffled, it was probably because of the chunk of blue hair in his mouth.  His hand carefully shifted a few beads near the bottom of the impossibly complex weaving in his partner's hair and then reached down to grab another one.

Set rolled his bare shoulders, but was careful not to move his head.  Soon enough he'd be sending those beads flying around the room--it was the expected end to this little exercise--but now wasn't the time.  He'd be good for a little while longer.

Dia's eyes shifted from what he could see of his partner's profile back to the weaving.  This was practice--a way for him to help keep the dexterity in his hand while also giving him the challenge of finding how to best balance keeping the beads in place and putting in new ones one-handed.

It didn't hurt that he also loved playing with Set's hair.  Somehow it seemed like such a normal thing--having the time and freedom to play with his lover's hair.  Even though normal wasn't something they were used to being yet, it was something they both very much wanted.

As for Set, he loved using the mirror across from them to watch the look of relaxed concentration on his lover's face.  Dia took so much responsibility on himself.  Much more than he should.  It was something he both loved and hated about his partner.  Dia's ability to take on more than any one man should had gotten them through so much both in the war and out, but it was also eating him alive.

And that, Set felt, was his fault.

Because of The Beast's overreaction to any thing that might threaten or signal that Dia was in pain, the other man often kept his pain to himself as so not to risk an incident.  That let the pain fester and grow until it twisted into something hardly recognizable as the original feeling and that made dealing with it even harder for Set who had difficulty dealing with even simple emotions.

In a cruel twist of fate, The Beast had no problem noticing and identifying that pain.  Those feelings read like an open book to him.  He just couldn't deal with them once he had pulled them to the surface.

To Set, this was another piece of bad luck in a life that had been full of such things.  It was frustrating for him to try so hard to understand, only to have The Beast step in and force Dia into admitting whatever was bothering him with no tact and no way to help Dia deal with those emotions that were suddenly raw and exposed.

The blue-haired man hated 'waking up' to find his lover sobbing in his arms and not knowing exactly why.  He hated even more that Dia would often refuse to tell him what was wrong and demanding answers only made his partner lock down completely.

Facing a cold, walled-off Dia was even worse than facing a sobbing one.

So Set cherished these moments.  Craved them.  Nothing made him happier than when Dia let himself relax and forget the pain for a while.  Set just wished he knew how to make that temporary release a permanent one.

He heard a bead clink to the floor and a moment later, felt a hand move over his.  It was only then that he realized he'd been flexing his fingers.  When he looked up, he met Dia's worried gaze through the mirror.

"I'm fine," Set insisted, squeezing the hand that rested over his.  "I was just...thinking."  He gave Dia's hand another squeeze before letting it go, suddenly overwhelmed by the need to have his partner in his arms.  "Sit back.  I'm shaking them out."

Dia nodded and let the hair that was in his mouth drop.  Once he had shifted back across the bed far enough that he wasn't likely to be hit by the flying beads, Set gave his head several hard shakes sending a rainbow of color out across the room.

Before the beads had all hit the ground, the blue-haired man had his partner on his back on the bed.  The grin he gave Dia when their eyes met was a little predatory, but mostly warm.

"You know I love you, right?"

Dia returned the smile with one of his own.  Perhaps it was just wishful thinking on Set's part, but that smile a little less stressed than usual.

"I know."
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Of course, this being a public video, there was a likelihood that someone else, in the course of trying to figure out her fourth computer (the other three had met unfortunate ends), would somehow stumble upon this website.


Fraga is temporarily left silent by the feed. Not just because of the violation of common decency that was currently in progress, but by the sneaking feeling that she had known one of these two men from somewhere. The problem was that she could not remember where.

It was a common problem these days--constantly having a sense of deja vu, yet not being able to pinpoint the exact reason. A setback for having Berserker as one's primary class. The Mad Enhancement was more or less gone. It had never been too strong to begin with. But it had left its marks on her mind by erasing the majority of her memories. The only things she remembered about her life before entering the Throne was that she had lived her life constantly wanting to meet someone, and a name that might or might not have been her own--"Fraga". How fitting that the one Noble Phantasm she could still access was the sword of Lugh, Fragarach.

Even without her memories, there were some things she could still guess at. Her name and Noble Phantasm were both connected to Ireland. It was likely that she was an Irish or at least British hero. She was a Counter Guardian and she knew the name of some modern technologies without the Grail's information, so the person who became the Heroic Spirit Fraga was likely a person from the modern era. She knew magecraft, so she was a magus.

And then there were memories that seeing the Association's Enforcers had jogged. She had worked with the Association closely in life. She can understand why she might have done so--even though she did not approve of their methods, she can understand how they are working to prevent a potential disaster. From what she can remember about the Association and modern magecraft, she might have been from a relatively old clan given her expertise in runic magic.

To summarize, the person who would become Fraga was a magus from an old clan in the general area of the British isles who either worked, was working, or would eventually work with the Association. It was very tempting to try to search for this person, to see what her old life had been. Several times, she had almost done it. But in the end, she had decided against it. It would be awkward, and would most certainly result in a paradox of some sort. She would just let her memories come back in due time.

Now, it seems like she has a chance. If she does know these people, then they are a window to her past. Now, she needs to find a way to contact them. Slowly, carefully, she hovers her mouse over the various buttons at the bottom of the video. The hovertext describing the functions really was a godsend. Finally, she finds a button that seems to be the best option--"send a video reply".

She clicks the button. A new window pops up with the symbol for "record".

Somewhere in Set and Dia's house, either the computer of the TV will switch on to show Fraga's feed. She clears her throat, trying to attract their attention.

"Excuse me, am I using this thing correctly...?"
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Even though she is the one who has taken the initiative in contacting the men, she is still rather surprised at the sudden change in the video.

And then there is the matter of her name. What is he calling her? Bazett...did that name have any connection with her at all? It hurts her head trying to remember.

"I do not know."

She shakes her head.

"Forgive me for bothering you. I know this will sound odd, but I believe I might know you."

A pause. She wants a less awkward way of saying this, but she cannot find one.

"I suppose I should explain my situation a little better. My current name is Fraga, but I am unsure if it is my true one. I have currently been through some...stressful circumstances that have left me with some form of amnesia. Unfortunately, due issues, I cannot turn to the police or doctors for aid. Currently, I am trying to rediscover my past. I felt a sort of familiarity when I saw the two of you. It seems my gamble in contacting you was the right choice."

Sadly, even if she is this "Bazett", even if this man does know her, she cannot remember who he is.
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"...It has not been particularly cruel either. Even without the majority of my memories of my personal life, I can still function."

From the way he speaks of her, they must have been close once. With the accent, they might have been from the same region. Perhaps they were even relatives.


When she hears this, her calm facade breaks for a second, and she actually sounds surprised.

"I-is that so?"

First a Master, then a Servant, and now a freed Heroic Spirit. Even if the world was not cruel per se, it had a sense of irony.

"No, I am afraid that I do not rememeber any of that."

It makes sense, though. The Association would naturally want something as valuable as the Grail. She does not know if he is completely truthful, but if it is a lie, it is a well-crafted one.
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"It occurred as the result of a Grail War."

The words come out before she can stop herself.

"It seems there were very bad complications. All the heroes were released in their full forms, something that should have been impossible."

She has to remind herself that she does not really know this man. Even if he already knew of the Grail and the Shatter, he might not approve of her Servant status.

"And the heroes released, though they have their full forms, might still hold some effects from being eligible for certain Servant Classes."

That should be just enough information to answer the question while keeping him guessing.
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It seems this man has not taken into account the fact that this was the first journal entry she had found. Only now is she perusing the rest of the journal.

"If I am really among my kind, then I see no more need for secrecy. As I have already said before, my name for the time being is Fraga. I am a Heroic Spirit, or rather Counter Guardian, who has been released from the Throne. My primary qualification is Berserker. I suppose you can understand why I might have memory issues."

She frowns when she hears him saying that he and the other man are confined to their houses.

"Was it the Association again? Or is it some other reason?"
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"I cannot remember enough of my personal life to argue that point."

She wishes she could say for sure why she is a Berserker. After all, she perceives herself to be relatively level-headed.

"...They have their reasons."

She closes her eyes, trying not to show her disgust.

"Though their methods are far from ideal. Do not worry about me. As you have guessed, I qualify for the Assassin class. I believe the lingering effects of Status Concealment has kept me out of the Association's eyes for the time being."

She notices the sudden glow in his eyes.

"Calm down. I believe you might be triggering the very rage that makes you a target."
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"Have I said I agreed with the experiments?"

Almost against herself, she raises her voice.

"I said they had their reasons for being wary of us!"

She takes a deep breath and continues on, quieter.

"Perhaps you have never experienced it, being a perfect Heroic Spirit, but I am a Counter Guardian. I know what forces that Gaia can unleash. I also know that sometimes, the only way to avert the destruction of the entire world involves destruction on a smaller scale. And yes, innocents do get caught in the crossfire."

It is regrettable. She would not have participated in this destruction if she had a choice. But the problem is that there was no choice. Not for Alaya who wished for the survival of humanity, and not for the Counter Guardians who served as its puppets.

"Now, I want you to imagine what sort of disasters an evil Heroic Spirit can cause and multiply it severalfold. That is what the Association fears and with good reason!"

She sighs and shakes her head, pinching the spot between her eyebrow. Though her Mad Enhancement is gone, or at least restricted, arguing like this still gives her a headache.

"But no. I would never wish to see a fellow Servant dissected."

She closes her eyes, but opens them wide in surprise when she hears him say his name.

"Cu Chulainn!?"

Cu Chulainn, the hound of Culann. Cu Chulainn, a hero bound by several geis and known for his loyalty. Cu Chulainn, the greatest hero of Ireland.

But that was what other Heroic Spirits would know about him. It felt like she should know something more about him. Something more than just his legend. It was like they had some sort of personal connection.


She repeats the name again, slowly. Though her mind is trying to remember, something is resisting against her efforts.


She buries her head in her hands. The earlier headache was nothing compared to this. It is as if someone has taken a sledgehammer to her skull, pounding her head with every heartbeat. Perhaps it is her mind trying to break down the blocks erected in front of her memory.
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Her headache is so bad that she barely catches his replies. The only thing she can hear is him describing someone as his lover. For some reason it makes her angry.

No, this was not just anger. This was madness that she had not felt since the Shatter. Why was she so angry at the idea of this man being in love? What right did she have to be angry at him? What was her relation to him, and what was his relation to her?

Her pained noises are mixed with growls. Her fingers all but dig into her skull in a futile attempt to somehow distract herself from the pain. Sweat drenches her body. There is one last burst of pain, and then...

Scenes that play by too fast to call actual memories dance through her mind. They are like flickering shadows--she sees them once and can no longer recall them except for one image that more or less burns itself into her mind.

She stands in the empty courtyard of a school, a man in the robes of a priest looming behind her. Across the courtyard is Cu Chulainn, dressed in black armor. And she remembers, the despair, the disbelief that she feels upon knowing he would be her opponent. that how it happened. Had they been summoned into the same Grail War at some point and become friends against their Masters' will? She takes a deep breath. This explanation still has many holes, but it will have to suffice for now.

As her head finally stops pounding, she looks up at the computer, still drenched with sweat and panting heavily.

"Forgive me. Did you just say something?"
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"Yes, I have. It was...vague. But it was better than nothing."

Just that was exhausting that she almost wants to cut the feed off now, before she has to remember anything more.

"Forgive me for that display just now. You do not need to worry. It happens sometimes if I am trying to remember something."

But never to this extent. Half of her wants to avoid more pain while the other half wants to grill Cu Chulainn for everything he knows. As far as she knows, he and the Association are the only links to her past.

Technically, as she had said before, she could function without a past. However, natural curiosity always brought her mind back to the subject of her identity. That, and Heroic Spirits valued their own legend. It was the only proof that they had once existed upon this Earth as well as the only reason they would continue to exist. For a Heroic Spirit, memories and stories were everything. At the very least, she would like to be able to remember her legend and the reason she had become a Berserker.

"I promise I will not cause undue destruction, if that is what you are worried about. My Mad Enhancement only seriously impacts me in specific circumstances, and I am fairly sure that it is gone now."

But she is not sure if regaining her memories would bring it back.
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For Bazett, the practical concerns always took precedence over emotional issues. Right now, the practical concerns were to not cause needless destruction and not to alert the Association.

Her face blanches as she hears what he is saying.


The headache returns, and if anything, it is even more intense. What she can remember and what she should remember are completely at odds with each other. Her mind is trying to sort it out, to coax out the memories, but they just would not come out. It is as if a saw blade has settled into every groove of her brain and were sawing it to pieces.

Her pained growls eventually become a scream. One hand clenches into a fist and smashes into the table, splitting it in half. The laptop goes toppling to the ground. Only then does she relax and give up on trying to remember.

She looks down at the laptop and then gingerly picks it up. She has lost too many expensive pieces of equipment to her own clumsiness. She examines it carefully. So far, nothing seems damaged. Maybe laptops were sturdier than she believed.

Her attention returns to the feed.

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"Cu Chulainn."

She sounds exhausted and frustrated. Yet, at the same time, she relishes being able to say the name.

"Cu Chulainn, please. Calm down. I am undamaged."

She can understand his anger. A hero as wild as he is should be allowed to run free. And yet if he carried such a horrible temper, and along with it such a terrible riastrad, then he had to be contained for the good of humanity at large.

"You have already been a great help to me by letting me recover on memory. Perhaps if you are patient, you will be able to do more. In the meantime, consider me in your debt."
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"You are the one who made the offer of assistance. Therefore I believe I am the one benefiting from your charity."

But it does little good to argue semantics now.

"Then, if you will let me make more requests, I would like speak to your housemate. This...Dia. I would also like to arrange some way to meet both of you in person in a secure place. I believe it would serve multiple benefits to both parties."
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"O-of the Love Spot?"

There is a sneaking suspicion, one that she tries to suppress, that maybe this relationship had something to do with that spot.

"I would have to know first where your house is. But before you tell me, Cu Chulainn, are you sure this is a wise decision? You do know why I asked for a neutral, secure meeting spot, correct?"

The reason she wanted a something like that was so neither of them were in a position to betray each other.
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"That is very nice to hear. I am happy for you."

She does feel happy. Happier than she should. It is like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders. But at the same time, she resents it a little as well.

"And I have the skills of an Assassin, Cu Chulainn. Perhaps that evens everything out."

She waits for Cu Chulainn to pull Diarmuid toward the computer. The moment she sets eyes on him, there is a strange buzzing in her head that seems to tell her to hate him. She shakes her head, trying to get rid of the idea. She has no reason to hate a hero who, as far as she can remember, she never met.

"Greetings, Diarmuid Ua Duibhne. I am..."

She pauses, and decides to use her "full" name.

"I am Bazett Fraga McRemitz."
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"And you may address me as Fraga. It is an honor to meet you as well. Unfortunately, I remember only the basics of your legend as supplied by the Grail."

She wonders what Cu Chulainn has said about her and how well it would match her memories.

"Yes, your journal is...unique. Perhaps it would attract more replies if you chose to host more serious content."

As it was, this journal was full of domestic scenes and bedroom antics.


He did not deserve the love of Cu Chulainn if he took moments of intimacy so lightly as to record them for public distribution.

"I have asked him to meet so we could better discuss my current situation. I know this might be strange to hear, I am in fact a Heroic Spirit like you. My primary class is Berserker, and due to side effects of the Mad Enhancement, the Shatter has removed almost all memories of my personal life. Your partner here has kindly offered to help me recover them. Since I cannot meet him in a neutral position due to his confinement, he has invited me to come to your house. I hope that will be alright with you."
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She still does not completely trust him, but her perception of him improve when he offers to help.

"Fortunately, my secondary class is Assassin. I could sneak in, though I am unsure if I can sneak either of you out."
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She bits her lip and tries to keep a straight face. She has no idea why she is reacting so negatively. After all, he is only trying to help her.

"Perhaps reinforce the walls in case anything unexpected happens. And please, tell me where your house is located."
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She quickly shakes her head.

"I...I do not believe anything to be wrong. Perhaps it is just the stress from recovering my memories."

She wants to dunk her head in cold water. She knows this man should be an honorable hero. So far, he has been nothing but courteous and helpful. Yet, she still feels compelled to hate him.
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"Y-yes, that would be for the best. I will speak to you tomorrow, if that is alright."