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Dia ([personal profile] shatteredservice) wrote2012-11-11 02:27 pm

'Accidental' Video 3

"Please hold still," If Dia's voice sounded muffled, it was probably because of the chunk of blue hair in his mouth.  His hand carefully shifted a few beads near the bottom of the impossibly complex weaving in his partner's hair and then reached down to grab another one.

Set rolled his bare shoulders, but was careful not to move his head.  Soon enough he'd be sending those beads flying around the room--it was the expected end to this little exercise--but now wasn't the time.  He'd be good for a little while longer.

Dia's eyes shifted from what he could see of his partner's profile back to the weaving.  This was practice--a way for him to help keep the dexterity in his hand while also giving him the challenge of finding how to best balance keeping the beads in place and putting in new ones one-handed.

It didn't hurt that he also loved playing with Set's hair.  Somehow it seemed like such a normal thing--having the time and freedom to play with his lover's hair.  Even though normal wasn't something they were used to being yet, it was something they both very much wanted.

As for Set, he loved using the mirror across from them to watch the look of relaxed concentration on his lover's face.  Dia took so much responsibility on himself.  Much more than he should.  It was something he both loved and hated about his partner.  Dia's ability to take on more than any one man should had gotten them through so much both in the war and out, but it was also eating him alive.

And that, Set felt, was his fault.

Because of The Beast's overreaction to any thing that might threaten or signal that Dia was in pain, the other man often kept his pain to himself as so not to risk an incident.  That let the pain fester and grow until it twisted into something hardly recognizable as the original feeling and that made dealing with it even harder for Set who had difficulty dealing with even simple emotions.

In a cruel twist of fate, The Beast had no problem noticing and identifying that pain.  Those feelings read like an open book to him.  He just couldn't deal with them once he had pulled them to the surface.

To Set, this was another piece of bad luck in a life that had been full of such things.  It was frustrating for him to try so hard to understand, only to have The Beast step in and force Dia into admitting whatever was bothering him with no tact and no way to help Dia deal with those emotions that were suddenly raw and exposed.

The blue-haired man hated 'waking up' to find his lover sobbing in his arms and not knowing exactly why.  He hated even more that Dia would often refuse to tell him what was wrong and demanding answers only made his partner lock down completely.

Facing a cold, walled-off Dia was even worse than facing a sobbing one.

So Set cherished these moments.  Craved them.  Nothing made him happier than when Dia let himself relax and forget the pain for a while.  Set just wished he knew how to make that temporary release a permanent one.

He heard a bead clink to the floor and a moment later, felt a hand move over his.  It was only then that he realized he'd been flexing his fingers.  When he looked up, he met Dia's worried gaze through the mirror.

"I'm fine," Set insisted, squeezing the hand that rested over his.  "I was just...thinking."  He gave Dia's hand another squeeze before letting it go, suddenly overwhelmed by the need to have his partner in his arms.  "Sit back.  I'm shaking them out."

Dia nodded and let the hair that was in his mouth drop.  Once he had shifted back across the bed far enough that he wasn't likely to be hit by the flying beads, Set gave his head several hard shakes sending a rainbow of color out across the room.

Before the beads had all hit the ground, the blue-haired man had his partner on his back on the bed.  The grin he gave Dia when their eyes met was a little predatory, but mostly warm.

"You know I love you, right?"

Dia returned the smile with one of his own.  Perhaps it was just wishful thinking on Set's part, but that smile a little less stressed than usual.

"I know."

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