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Morning After--Kitchen Explosion

It's probably a good thing that the smells coming from what was once the kitchen were so good otherwise Dia would have to scold his lover for the mess he is making.  As it is, he happily sits on a stool on the other side of the bar and watches the not so controlled chaos that is Set trying to make a big breakfast.

Dia had been patiently waiting for Set in the basement the night before and once his lover had gotten him settled into their bed and was working on finish his healing, they'd had a long talk about what had happened.  The talk had, unfortunately, not really gotten them anywhere.  Neither of them had any idea what had set The Beast off so badly and as usual, Dia hadn't wanted to talk about what was upsetting him.

He hadn't had the energy and it would have only made Set feel worse about everything.  That was the last thing that Dia wanted to do.  After everything, he'd just wanted to curl up in Set's arms and sleep.

A clatter pulls Dia's attention from his memories and back to Set just in time to see the other man almost manage to catch his ponytail on fire.

He can't help but roll his eyes and laugh, "Well at least you aren't good at everything.  Just most things."

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Bazett does not so much walk as she shambles into the kitchen. The runes had helped her through the night, but come morning, her body was still a little sore and, beyond anything, exhausted.

She sniffs the air twice.


Needless to say, her mind is also a bit clouded this morning.
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She gives him a small, drowsy nod and then more or less collapses onto the stool. She only becomes slightly more awaken when she hears talk of fire and hair.

"P-put it out!"
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She nods and takes the cup. If not for the heat, she would drained it in one gulp. But even as she slowly sips the tea, it helps her wake up somewhat.

"Diarmuid. Is your leg better?"
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"His runes were of a great help. I slept very well."

Maybe too well, seeing how she had been in the morning.

She nods at Dia's advice and looks down at her food. She takes a small, careful bite. It is much, much better than anything she has had since the Shatter. She quickly chews and swallows.

"This is delicious!"

Oops, there went his advice out the metaphorical window.
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Bazett ignores much of their conversation to dig in ravenously. Was she truly this hungry? She knows a body of flesh has to eat, but she is used to simply eating something cheap or, in extreme cases, picking bits out of the garbage. Compared to that, this meal was simply divine. Only when she finishes half her plate does she begin speaking again.

"Is it your customs to offer a sacrifice to the kitchen gods?"

She looks down at her meal. It would be a shame for her to waste any of it, even as a libation.
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Bazett's constitution was such that she could easily go for a night without sleep and continue to function in the morning, though she would still be mildly sluggish. However, when she actually did get a chance to sleep deeply after an exhausting day, her brain would still be in a state of semi-shutdown in the morning.

"It depends on the activities of the previous night and how early I wake up."

She takes a bigger gulp of the tea now that it has cooled down.

"As well as how much caffeine I have."
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"Sleep is sleep. As long as my body requires it and the location is safe, then I should be able to sleep just fine."

She supposes it probably has something to do with her lifestyle.

"And you? How have the two of you slept?"
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She quickly eats up the rest of her food.

"Diarmuid, I agree with your partner. You sustained the heaviest injuries the previous night. Out of all of us, you are the one who requires the most rest."

Talking about official business had a more rousing effect on her than coffee.
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"You have to."

Bazett pushes her plate away and glares at him as if she is an Enforcer interrogating him.

"I understand your relationship with the Beast is complex. But at the same time, neither I nor Cu Chulainn are particularly happy with the fact that he constantly injures you physically and emotionally. Another reason is that, as both you and Cu Chulainn say, the Beast behaves differently when I am in the room. Given how great his sway is over Cu Chulainn, I would suggest that you at least discuss this with your partner."

She looks toward Cu, and then back to Dia.

"If you so wish, I will go outside and leave the two of you to talk."
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"And we cannot talk about the Beast without talking about you. Or are you going to relinquish the duty of being his handler?"
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"Diarmuid Ua Duibhne."

Compared to the other two, Bazett is coldly calm.

"You are responsible for gathering and protecting other Heroes after the Shatter, correct? If so, then I would suggest you act responsibly. As long as there is the unresolved issue of the Beast, you can not properly protect anyone."
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"Even mitigated damage is better than what he did last night."

Diarmuid's question makes her blush again.

"Um...sadly, no. I was unable to discover anything...besides that."
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"I do not think I am capable of scanning your mind again for the time being. You have seen what I am capable of."

At this rate, she was honestly going to have to move in with them so Diarmuid would not be bedridden all the time from the Beast's antics.
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She closes her eyes, thinking.

"Would the Association notice if I put up some sort of ward in one of the rooms? Then you could use that instead of the basement."
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"Does he really have influence over that as well? Then, what of my runes? Perhaps I can restrain him, just a little."

It might be harder than she had first imagined, given how intelligent the Beast seems to be.

"If not, I can at least make you a better ward."
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She has already stood up. If the Beast did emerge, she wanted to be ready to fight him.

"Theoretically, if we could place him in a room, and then have Diarmuid and I right outside of that warded room, we could possibly converse. But does he have access to your runic magic. If he does, then he could undo my runes."
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"How about this? I will stay in the room beside him. Diarmuid, you remain just outside. I believe I can fight and restrain him for at least a short duration of time. During that time, we can...discuss to the best of our abilities."
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"...That would either take an extremely hard and unexpected punch, or a very large dose of alcohol. And are you sure you can be knocked unconscious without having the Beast emerge?"
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She nods.

"Then we should try that. Should we begin today or do you wish to wait a little longer."

She raises an eyebrow at Set's words.

"Interesting. The best explanation I have is that these bodies are made of flesh and thus somewhat susceptible. After all, we eat for sustenance and sleep for rest, like humans would. I personally drink coffee for energy and alcohol for relaxation. I believe that even Servant bodies would be able to experience intoxicating effects if the spirit so wished."
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She considers it for a moment...and then slowly shakes her head.

"Forgive me, but I do not believe myself to be in peak condition. Perhaps if I rested for a day or two more."
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"I should take my leave of both of you right now. I would not wish to impose anymore upon your charity."

She starts walking toward the door.

"I will return in two days time. Would that be alright?"