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Dia ([personal profile] shatteredservice) wrote2012-12-17 07:26 pm

The Light of Countless Wishes

Legend says that its light is made from all of the wishes of mankind--past, present, and future.  When I saw it the first time, I had no doubt that was true.  What else could so quickly defeat the monster we had been fighting all night?  It was easy for that power made of something so pure and vital to every living thing to destroy what several Heroic Spirits working together couldn't even touch.

And it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

The second time I saw it my eyes were clouded by corruption, but it had lost none of its beauty.  Perhaps in some ways it was even more beautiful than before because I knew it now carried my wish along with those of so many others.


Release from the cage my body had become when my master sacrificed me to whatever had twisted the war from its usual rules and given this unknown evil inside of me the ability to grant wishes to whoever was willing to pay its price.

To regain the family he had lost, my master willingly traded me to it.  He command spelled me into stillness and then severed my arm to conduct the ceremony as he had been told to.  As great of a violation of trust as that was, it was nothing in comparison to the feeling of violation that came from that darkness flooding into my body.  And there was nothing I could do but drown within it.

I never thought I would wake up; I wished I had not because it was a hell like I could never have imaged to be forced to sit and watch the corruption use my body to kill so many of the others who were involved in the war.  Painfully.  Brutally.  Dishonorably.  The fact that I was missing an arm did not slow it down at all.

Then she finally tracked me down.  Cornered what was left of me in a place that the corruption couldn't pull me from.  After that, it only took a moment.  A moment for her to release the light of countless wishes.  A moment for me to grab temporary control and force myself still in the face of that light.

A moment to be purified and finally set free.

Yet now, circumstances have made me realize I might not be so free as I thought.  Could part of that corruption--that taint--still be there?  The Beast said the other day that there is something stirring inside of me.  He claimed to be lying later, but at the same time I know my emotions have felt different lately.  At one time hatred and rage were foreign to me.  Now they are starting to become all too familiar.  Might a small seed of corruption still be in me?  Or is it just that my emotions were that badly damaged by my time corrupted in the war?

I don't know.  What I do know is that I believe I now have a new wish.

If I can find no one else with this journal, King of Knights I hope that I will someday find you.  If I must be removed from this world again, then I would have it be by the light of your blade and none other.

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