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AU Character Information Post

AU Character Information:

Character Background:

For Dia, the events of the 4th Holy Grail War remain the same as they occur in Fate Zero.  Please see his wiki page for more details on that chapter of his life.  For information on his life before becoming a Heroic Spirit, see this page.  Please note that there are places where the Fate retelling of his tale and the actual tale differ and some effort has been made to blend the two together as well as they can be.

The end of the 4th war is a chance to rest and forget for the Diarmuid Ua Duibhne in Fate Zero, but Dia isn't given that chance as he soon finds himself called into another war--Corruption's War--complete with  memories from the previous war even though that shouldn't be possible.

Events of Corruption's War:
  1. Lancer's Master's family is murdered during his summoning ceremony by a rival mage who has been promised a wish by the corruption should he carry out his task.
  2. At first, his master doesn't blame Lancer for what happened. In fact, it focuses them on winning the war so that they can use the wish to return his family to him.
  3. As time passes, the corruption begins to speak to his master promising that it will give him his family back without making him win the war. All he has to do is sacrifice his servant to it.
  4. His master refuses at first because he respects Lancer's loyalty and determination, but as time passes and they meet/learn about more of the servants, his master begins to consider the deal.
  5. After a near defeat, the corruption comes to his master and finally convinces him to accept the deal.
  6. Lancer's master uses two of his command spells to keep Lancer from being able to move and severs his right arm which is then used as a sacrifice to the corruption.
  7. The corruption uses his arm as a link to completely absorb Lancer and take control of him. Lancer's mind is still aware of what is going on, but he cannot control his body.
  8. His master has his family returned to him, but the family is aware that things are not right--that they should be dead. The wife commits suicide shortly thereafter and the master's son snaps, killing himself, his sister and his father.
  9. The corruption uses Lancer to kill several master/servant teams despite the fact that his is missing an arm. The power and regenerative abilities given to him by the corruption more than make up for the lost limb.
  10. Saber (Altria Pendragon) eventually is able to corner Lancer in a place where the corruption is weakened and cannot just pull him back to safety. She uses Excalibur on him to 'release him from his dishonor' and Lancer is able to gain control of himself just long enough to force himself to take the hit. He is purified of the corruption and returned to The Throne of Heroes.
  11. Saber and her master will go on to win the war, but gain nothing from it since the corruption's goal wasn't to give a wish to such a pure person, but instead gain power from giving wishes to all the rest of those involved in the war who were far from pure at heart.
Dia is very grateful to Saber for releasing him from his torment during Corruption's War and actually looks forward to returning to the Throne of Heroes so that he can forget what has happened to him.  Unfortunately, fate isn't so kind and the Shatter happens soon after.  Dia is shocked to find himself back on Earth, freed of the corruption that had so thoroughly violated him, but still missing his arm and retaining all of his memories of the previous wars. 

He is soon recruited by the Mage's Association to help stop the Great War and it is during this fighting that he first meets and begins to bond with Cu Chulainn.  That bond is tight enough that after the end of the war, instead of going their separate ways, the two heroes end up investing in a place together.  That is only part of the reason, though.  In reality, The Beast--the personification of Cu Chulainn's Berserker traits--has also taken a liking to Dia and wants him to be around, referring to him as his mate long before the two heroes actually begin their romantic relationship.

Because of the unique problem that The Beast presents, Dia and Set (as Cu Chulainn is now calling himself) have an equally unique relationship with the Mage's Association.  Their contracts are bound together in several ways as Dia is the only person that The Beast shows any sign of listening to.  As long as Dia is able to keep The Beast from hurting anyone other than himself, the Association is willing to allow them their freedom.  Should The Beast so much as scratch an innocent person, then both Set AND Dia would find their contracts broken and their freedom forfeit.

As a result of their dealings with the Association, Dia and Set are both aware of things that most servants don't know.  They know the Association's true goals and are doing their best to warn other servants of the danger.  These actions as well as the problems The Beast cause have led to both Dia and Set being closely watched by The Association.  Those within the Association realize that Dia will only be able to handle the physical and emotional trauma The Beast throws at him on a regular basis for so long before he slips up and delivers the two of them into their hands--not to be used as experiments, but as weapons.

While setting up a journal to contact other servants is an idea that Dia thought about for quite some time, only recently did he start to feel compelled to actually do it.  The compulsion gets stronger until he finally makes his first journal though he quickly finds out that the journal is more than it seems.  The weird incidents that happened with it almost make him abandon the effort, but shortly after he begins seriously considering that, the journal begins bringing him into contact with the very people he has been hoping it would.  He is now setting up [community profile] the_servant_network  in hopes of taking those early successes and expanding on them.

The joy he feels at starting to make connections to some of the other servants out there is being tarnished, though, by The Beast's increasing erratic behavior and hints that something dark and evil might be sleeping inside of him.  While he won't admit it to himself, he is afraid that somehow the corruption that took him during Corruption's War is still inside of him just waiting for a chance to take him over again.

Character Personality:

Dia currently is very emotionally unstable and confused, though he hides it well by just not dealing with it and forcing himself beyond exhaustion taking care of Set and The Beast.  While his lover has tried to help him deal with all of the emotions he's trying to hide, Set himself is not very good with this kind of thing and is also dealing with problems of his own--The Beast.  The Beast, on the other hand, seems very willing to force Dia to face his emotions, but has no way of helping him deal with those emotions once they are brought to the surface.  This often leaves Dia even more emotionally confused than he was before.  Dia's method of dealing with this is to lock things away even more tightly and refuse to talk about them.

This method of not dealing with things is starting to backfire because the constant emotional turmoil is really beginning to wear him down and make him tired to the point that even The Beast knows how weary he is.  It is also part of the fuel that is beginning to wake that dark thing inside of him because, unfortunately, The Beast is correct.  Something is there, and that something has no problem feeding on the emotions Dia is suppressing and then using the power it's gaining to subtly start twisting Dia's emotions and reactions.

Despite his emotional instability, there are things Dia is very clearheaded about.  If someone even so much as hints that Set and The Beast are burdens to him, he will very quickly and firmly correct them.  For him, it is a responsibility that he takes very seriously since he loves Set so much.  Even if dealing with The Beast eventually leads to his death, he won't regret having taken that responsibility.

Dia also claims that while he knows that he and Set love each other equally, he also can't help but wonder sometimes if Set isn't just with him because he reminds his lover of some of the people he's lost.  That is part of the reason why, when they found Bazett, Dia was willing to walk away and let Bazett be with Set if that was what would make Set happy.  In the end, Dia's ultimate goal is to see Set safe and happy even if it means he himself is not.  And that is a goal he is willing to sacrifice everything to attain.

While Set won't let Dia formally swear fealty to him because of all the negative things that have happened in the past between Dia and his masters, Dia has sworn that oath in his heart, and that oath is how Dia justifies his sacrifices while not allowing Set to do the same.

In some ways, seeing Set as his master also extends to seeing The Beast as his master despite how dangerous that is.  This is why, when The Beast plays his dominance games, it is easy for Dia to allow The Beast to dominate him.  His pride and control of the situation are things he has no problem sacrificing if he knows that it will end one of The Beast's rampages more quickly and with less violence.

Even with all he sacrifices and all the people who care about him, Dia still feels that he is basically only a flawed copy of the Heroic Spirit whose name he shares and that he really has no right to still exist when it is very possible post Shatter that the original doesn't exist anymore.  Even when forced to acknowledge that he is a different person because of all he has experienced, he still doesn't feel he has the right to things that a normal person should have the right to.

Despite feeling like he's only a flawed copy, Dia still possesses all of the good qualities that made him a hero in the first place.  He is loyal, kind, chivalrous, responsible, self-sacrificing, and fair.  Unfortunately, these good qualities, when mixed in with his doubt and feelings of worthlessness, are being magnified so much that they are becoming very dangerous to his own well-being.  On some deep level he is aware of this.  He just doesn't care as long as it gets him closer to his goal.

Character Powers and other Miscellaneous Information:

Dia is a blended Heroic Spirit having skills from both the Saber and Lancer classes. He currently uses Gae Dearg when the need for a serious fight arises, but also has access to Moralltach the greater of the two swords he would have possessed had he been summoned as Saber. The fact that he has access to Moralltach is a tightly guarded secret--so tightly guarded that even Set didn't know about it until just recently when Dia was forced to summon it against The Beast.  While he loves the blade, Dia is loath to use it because it is very dangerous.  It is so dangerous that even The Beast lost in one of his moments of insanity recognizes its danger.  When fully unsealed, the blade needs only the slightest contact with something to kill or destroy that object completely.

While none of the material released for Fate Zero specifies what Moralltach's abilities would have been had Dia been summoned as a Saber, Gae Dearg's abilities were very thoroughly explained.   Please go here for more information.

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