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I think the time for secrecy is passed. The only war we are facing is one that we can't win alone. The Mage Association has made no effort to hide that we are expendable as long as they can use us to find their way back to the Throne and the Grail.

I understand why so many of you have gone into hiding. I feel the same fears that you do. I like the life that I have been given, but surely you know by now that the Association doesn't care if we are happy or not. They don't care if you're following all the little rules they wrote into our new contracts. If they decide they need you for their work, you will vanish and that life you so love will be lost.

This is not a call to war. I have had enough of that. It is merely a call to consciousness. Surely it will be harder for them to continue to use us in such a way if we are connected to one another?
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