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Dia watches as his blue-haired lover fidgets in the chair across the room from him and it doesn't surprise him when Set gives up sitting again and is back on his feet wondering around the room a few moments later.   His partner is excited, but also nervous and Dia can't help but smile just slightly when he realizes how silly it is that Set of all people is acting like a young boy waiting to go out on his first date.

Bazett should be arriving anytime now.  Despite the fact that she can't remember him, Set is determined to help her and that honestly doesn't surprise Dia.  He knows very well just how much she means to Set memory or not.

Dia is just worried about what might happen with them both together.  Set had blown off how easily The Beast had been upset by her and the things they had discussed, but Dia can't do that.  He has a hard enough time keeping The Beast in check by itself, but when it is enraged by another Berserker?

The thought is enough to terrify even one who as seen as much as Dia has over the years.

"Set, come here," Dia motions to the area in front of the chair where he is setting.  "Sit."

Set raises an eyebrow in question, but does as he is asked. 

Once his lover has seated himself on the floor in front of him, Dia pulls his partner's long blue hair loose of its binding and starts braiding it.  It might be a silly thing, but he knows that not only is it calming for him, it is also calming for Set as shown by how the other man shuts his eyes and finally seems to settle down.

The sound that slips from Set's lips a few moments later, might or might not have actually been a purr.

This is how they pass the time as they wait for Bazett to arrive.  Dia can't help but hope that she will be the first link in a chain that will make things safer for all the servants who are still living in the world.

And perhaps also the first step to making Set a happier and more stable person again.


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