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Dec. 26th, 2012 05:55 pm
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How's My Driving?

Let me know how you think I'm doing with Dia!  Please keep in mind that he is an AU version of Diarmuid Ua Duibhne and might play a little differently than you expect.  That is part of the adventure!  If you don't know all the details of his story, please check out his bio post here.
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Legend says... )
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The room is plain and fairly empty.  A few hours before, it had been a small study, but Set and Dia have cleared all of that stuff out and made it a much more fitting arena to face The Beast in.  After all, he is going to be violent enough when he realizes what they are going to try to do to him.  It probably isn't a good idea to give him access to anything that could be used as ammo.

Dia watches as Set paces around the room checking the various wards that he placed on it when they moved in.  They aren't anything special--just a few detection runes--but they were never meant to do anything like keeping The Beast in check.  The Beast himself has seen to it that Set can't do anything like that.  That is why Bazett is stopping by.  She doesn't have to try and work around The Beast to do her work; she can just do it.

Set flops down into a cross-legged sit in the middle of the floor and sighs, "I think that's it until she comes.  Hopefully, it won't be too long.  I think he's starting to wonder.  I'm trying to distance myself, but..."

Dia nods, fingering the capped needle in his hand, "I'm really sorry about this.  I hate having to do it."

"Don't be, it has to be done and this is the safest way.  Just promise me something," Set gives him a hard look.  "Make sure you make the most of this.  You need to talk to him.  I doubt he's going to let us get away with this very often.  Heck,  maybe not ever again.  This might be the only chance we get."

"I-I know," Dia's voice wavers a moment and then he steadies himself.  "I am preparing myself.  It's going to hurt, but hopefully it will be the first step toward making it so it doesn't hurt so much anymore."

Set smirks and motions for Dia to come and sit with him.  When Dia joins him, he wraps his arms around his lover, "That's my Baby!  You have no idea how good it makes me feel to hear you say that."

Dia blushes slightly, but doesn't reply.  Instead, they wait for Bazett to again make her way into their home.
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It's probably a good thing that the smells coming from what was once the kitchen were so good otherwise Dia would have to scold his lover for the mess he is making.  As it is, he happily sits on a stool on the other side of the bar and watches the not so controlled chaos that is Set trying to make a big breakfast.

Dia had been patiently waiting for Set in the basement the night before and once his lover had gotten him settled into their bed and was working on finish his healing, they'd had a long talk about what had happened.  The talk had, unfortunately, not really gotten them anywhere.  Neither of them had any idea what had set The Beast off so badly and as usual, Dia hadn't wanted to talk about what was upsetting him.

He hadn't had the energy and it would have only made Set feel worse about everything.  That was the last thing that Dia wanted to do.  After everything, he'd just wanted to curl up in Set's arms and sleep.

A clatter pulls Dia's attention from his memories and back to Set just in time to see the other man almost manage to catch his ponytail on fire.

He can't help but roll his eyes and laugh, "Well at least you aren't good at everything.  Just most things."

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Dia watches as his blue-haired lover fidgets in the chair across the room from him and it doesn't surprise him when Set gives up sitting again and is back on his feet wondering around the room a few moments later.   His partner is excited, but also nervous and Dia can't help but smile just slightly when he realizes how silly it is that Set of all people is acting like a young boy waiting to go out on his first date.

Bazett should be arriving anytime now.  Despite the fact that she can't remember him, Set is determined to help her and that honestly doesn't surprise Dia.  He knows very well just how much she means to Set memory or not.

Dia is just worried about what might happen with them both together.  Set had blown off how easily The Beast had been upset by her and the things they had discussed, but Dia can't do that.  He has a hard enough time keeping The Beast in check by itself, but when it is enraged by another Berserker?

The thought is enough to terrify even one who as seen as much as Dia has over the years.

"Set, come here," Dia motions to the area in front of the chair where he is setting.  "Sit."

Set raises an eyebrow in question, but does as he is asked. 

Once his lover has seated himself on the floor in front of him, Dia pulls his partner's long blue hair loose of its binding and starts braiding it.  It might be a silly thing, but he knows that not only is it calming for him, it is also calming for Set as shown by how the other man shuts his eyes and finally seems to settle down.

The sound that slips from Set's lips a few moments later, might or might not have actually been a purr.

This is how they pass the time as they wait for Bazett to arrive.  Dia can't help but hope that she will be the first link in a chain that will make things safer for all the servants who are still living in the world.

And perhaps also the first step to making Set a happier and more stable person again.

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While I don't feel comfortable using this to connect to others until I find out exactly why it is acting as it is, I suppose I can use it for its other purpose.  I'm still not sure why writing about what has happened to me would be any more therapeutic than talking or thinking about it.  However, if there is a chance it can help me and by extension, help Set, then I have to try.

It is commonly said that the best place to start is at the beginning, but in my case that would be counterproductive.  All one has to do to find out about my beginnings is to look up the legends surrounding my lord, Fionn mac Cumhaill.  Within them is found my story.

Perhaps at this point it would be more correct to say "his" story.  "He" being the Heroic Spirit Diarmuid Ua Duibhne whose soul I am a part of.

That I should be a part of.  If he still exists.  It scares me to think that after the Shatter I may be all that remains of him.

It is not right.  I am a flawed copy.  I should not have survived him.

Many Servants changed their names after the Shatter to facilitate their movement into normal society.  It's pretty hard to expect someone to take you seriously when you introduce yourself as Cu Chulainn.  Setanta isn't much better, but at least people can pronounce Set.

I shortened my name for a different reason.  I have lived too many lives, been maimed and had my soul violated in the worst way possible.  I may still wear his face and use his skills, but I am no longer him.

It would be an insult to say I was....

...And this is not helping.  Nor is it what I meant to talk about in the first place.

Maybe I'm expecting too much from a mere internet application.

Maybe I'm expecting too much

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