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It's probably a good thing that the smells coming from what was once the kitchen were so good otherwise Dia would have to scold his lover for the mess he is making.  As it is, he happily sits on a stool on the other side of the bar and watches the not so controlled chaos that is Set trying to make a big breakfast.

Dia had been patiently waiting for Set in the basement the night before and once his lover had gotten him settled into their bed and was working on finish his healing, they'd had a long talk about what had happened.  The talk had, unfortunately, not really gotten them anywhere.  Neither of them had any idea what had set The Beast off so badly and as usual, Dia hadn't wanted to talk about what was upsetting him.

He hadn't had the energy and it would have only made Set feel worse about everything.  That was the last thing that Dia wanted to do.  After everything, he'd just wanted to curl up in Set's arms and sleep.

A clatter pulls Dia's attention from his memories and back to Set just in time to see the other man almost manage to catch his ponytail on fire.

He can't help but roll his eyes and laugh, "Well at least you aren't good at everything.  Just most things."

Found You

Nov. 7th, 2012 06:13 pm
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Ah ha!  So this is what you've been working on all secret-like today!  Kinda hard to keep it a secret, boyo, when you leave it up and on.

Though just maaaybe me 'losing' the keys had more to do with you leaving it out where I could find it.  That could be possible.  Maybe even likely.... it looks like you're ready to do this finally, right?  Ready to get it all out and in the open.  They find you--they find you.

I'm behind you 100% on this, but you already know that.  It's the least I can do after everything.

Just not so sure why you bothered making so many icons for me.  You might be ready to talk, but I'm pretty happy NOT thinking much about back then.

The Beast would rather not think about that time either and I try not to argue with him.  Never ends well as you know...

I suppose that's why you just set up the one account, right.  If you assume I'm not going to use it, then I will just to mess with you. me all figured out, don't you?  Well, I guess it's probably about time considering how much we've been through.

Just don't blame me if I suddenly becoming boring and monoton.....haha!  Who am I kidding?  The only way boring will ever apply to either of us is if we end up back on the Throne and I have no intention of heading back there anytime soon.  I know you don't plan on it either.  We've been through too much shit just to let things go that easy especially since no one knows if the stupid thing is still working after The Shatter...

...Damn, got me talking after all.  Now I need a drink...or to break something.  Wanna join me once your done poking around here?  Drink or fight, your choice even.  Just don't keep me waiting too long.  The Beast's stirring around now and I gotta do something to settle it down before it decides to 'settle' itself.


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